Frequently Asked Questions on the DPRM

  • 1) What is the Development Policy Research Month about?

    Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation 247 signed in September 2002, the Development Policy Research Month (DPRM) is celebrated every September to encourage Filipino leaders and the public at large to appreciate the role and importance of evidence-based research in planning and policymaking. The DPRM seeks to encourage proper, systematic, and quality policy research in crafting social and economic policies.

  • 2) What role does the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) play in the celebration of the DPRM?

    As the country’s leading state think tank, the Proclamation designated the PIDS as the overall coordinator of the DPRM. It organizes various activities to demonstrate the importance of policy research and multisectoral collaboration in crafting policies and programs to address development issues. During the month-long celebration, the PIDS, together with the members of the DPRM steering committee, organizes policy fora, press conferences and media interviews, and the Annual Public Policy Conference in partnership with other institutions. These events demonstrate an exercise in interagency cooperation to emphasize the importance of evidence-based planning and policymaking.

  • 3) Why is there a need to declare a DPRM?

    The DPRM emphasizes the importance of policy research for effective planning and policymaking. Policies and programs should be well studied before they are implemented, as well as during and after their implementation to determine their effectiveness. The DPRM also aims to make people become more aware of the importance of research evidence in crafting programs and policies and to remind our policymakers that we have policy studies and other similar resources that are within their reach for their decisionmaking processes.

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