APPC Webinar 1: Innovation in Public Sector Governance for Resilience under a New Normal: Theory and Practice


TIME: 9:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m. (GMT+8)

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic is the most challenging public health crisis the world has faced in a century. It has overwhelmed global and national health service and disaster management infrastructure and brought economies to a standstill. Compounding the situation is the lack of or failure of coordination among government units between levels of governments, and between the government and other stakeholders.

The crisis serves as both an eye-opener and an impetus to leapfrog reforms to strengthen governance systems and structures. It propels us to innovate and install more forward-looking systems and strategies that will enable us to regain the capacity to bounce back and win over multiple and complex challenges that we face now and in the future.

This opening webinar session of the APPC 2020 aims to come up with a concrete set of lessons that we must take on to move forward and bounce back stronger together.  The discussion will examine how the world, in general, and the country, in particular, is or should be responding to the effects of the pandemic from the perspective of the public sector being the key player that sets the environment through policy. The speakers and panelists are invited to talk about key reforms that facilitate and drive innovations for addressing the current challenges and to prepare for similar and other risks in the future. They may provide both conceptual and actual lessons drawn from international and country experiences, with emphasis on ideas that are applicable for developing country context such as the Philippines.



It’s not a matter of what your government can do for you: Responding to COVID-19 by Mr. James Brumby, Senior Adviser, World Bank Group Singapore

Taking Whole of Society Approach to Building a Just Future by Ms. Panthea Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Reboot

Bridging the New Normal in Governance through Information and Communications Technology by Ms. Teresa Magno-Garcia, Director, Department of Information and Communications Technology


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You may watch the recorded video of the webinar here:

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