Ways to Praticipate in the DPRM

There are various ways to join the DPRM celebration.

  1.  Display the physical banner of DPRM 2020 in your office premises or the electronic banner on your official website and social media pages. Go to Resources>DPRM Banner or visit http://bit.ly/dprm2020 for the template. You are free to choose between the English version and the Filipino version depending on your locality’s language preference; you may also translate the slogan in your local dialect if you wish. For inquiries regarding the banner specifications, please contact Ms. Jachin Aberilla at jaberilla@mail.pids.gov.ph.

  2.  Repost and share DPRM promotional videos, infographics, and related announcements on your website and social media pages. (Note: You may download these from the DPRM website (http://dprm.pids.gov.ph) and PIDS social media pages (https://www.facebook.com/PIDS.PH/ and https://twitter.com/PIDS_PH).

  3.  Attend all DPRM events this September such as the kickoff press conference and the APPC webinar series. All of these events are open to the public and will be streamed live on the PIDS Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/PIDS.PH/). We will announce these events on our social media pages and provide the registration link.

  4.  Organize virtual activities/events (e.g., webinars) that may be relevant to the theme or to policy research.

Let us know how you intend to join this year’s celebration. Feel free to send us details of your participation by emailing pids-inquiries@mail.pids.gov.ph. You may also send us photos of your DPRM banner and events. 

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