APPC Webinar 3: Strengthening the Civil Service under the New Normal


TIME: 9:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m. (GMT+8)

People are the most basic element of any innovation. The need to strengthen and upskill the civil service is therefore paramount. This webinar focuses on innovations pertaining to upskilling and strengthening the public sector workforce. The key questions that must be explored are: What are the key issues in recruitment, performance, and capacities (analytical, operation, and political) of the civil service? What are the innovations made by other countries in this aspect? What are the key elements in their reforms that were essential to their success? What are the best practices or innovations being done in various countries on managing the public sector workforce at various levels during crises?

The goal of this webinar is to come up with a set of specific recommendations for strengthening the civil service in the country. The speakers and panelists are invited to discuss critical civil service reforms to enable the government to be agile and innovative in large scale crises and multifaceted risks. International and country experiences are presented to converse on the process of civil service innovation; the constraints in carrying out reforms; the strategies that are implemented to overcome these constraints and the opportunities for innovation in the public sector workforce especially in developing countries such as the Philippines.

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